Recent Autodesk Smoke Work


Experienced in Online commercials editing and finishing, I can take a project from conform, grading, clean up and compositing through to titling, sound relays and mastering.

Whether working alone in client supervised sessions or as part of a large VFX team, you can be sure your project is in safe hands until final delivery.

Key Smoke Skills:

  • Experienced in both Smoke Advanced Linux and Smoke on Mac
  • Solid understanding of legals/supers timings
  • Adaptations of campaigns for international markets
  • Titling
  • Sound Relays
  • Versioning
  • Pack Replacements
  • End Frames
  • Motion Graphics/Animation
  • Conforms
  • Clocking
  • Mastering

B&Q: Unleash the B&Q in you - Drill Pool

  • Agency: WCRS
  • Production Company: Fashot
  • Post House: Creative Outpost

This is one of several ads I have worked on recently as part of the "Unleash the B&Q in you" campaign.

The products are shot as a series of high res stills on a simple motion control rig rotating 360 degrees. This enables the footage to be used for both print and TV. I attended the shoot for this spot to ensure that the paddling pool could be captured in various states of deflation as well as being shot filled with water at 25fps which would be later composited in the Online.

Using Smoke, the products are cleaned up, graded and then frame-cut/timewarped in time to the music. Motion graphics elements are then layered on top along with the animated text box pricing.

The Sun - Get Holiday Ready

  • Agency: Grey London
  • Director: MJ Delaney
  • Production Company: Moxie Pictures
  • Post House: Glassworks

This was an ad for The Sun to promote the return of £9.50 holidays.

60", 30" and 20" edits were conformed in Smoke and various shots required cleanup, split screens and bluescreen window comps.

Tresemme - One and Only

This was an ad for Tresemme for their new Ultimate Hold Hairspray range.

The ad required a series of pack replacements over a number of shots. The flat artwork that was supplied was taken into Smoke and relit, graded and grain matched before being tracked back into cleaned up backplates

Mail on Sunday - Nigella's Italian Recipes

  • Agency: M&C Saatchi
  • Production Company: Love
  • Post House: Golden Square

This ad was shot on the RED EPIC and the online, grade and beauty work was achieved in Smoke.

The brief was to grade the piece to feel like a "1960’s Italian Summer". I graded the midtones with a hint of sepia while bringing out the reds of the flags and greens of the trees to make them more vibrant. A diffused flare was composited on top to give a wash of warm colour in the highlights from the direction of the Sun. Reflections of the crew on the bike were painted out and the sign at the back was keyed and given contrast to make it more legible.

Asda - Magnets Persil Stockup

This commercial was part of an ongoing campaign where all the big supermarkets' products were compared against each other for the best price. There were two builds to the adverts, where fridge magnets and cereal bowls were used to represent the amount of products cheaper for that week.

I attended the shoot as Post Supervisor and was involved in overseeing the second unit for the stop motion animation. Various plates were needed so that there was flexibility to update the height of the stacks and numbers quickly in Smoke according to the statistics that came in that day.

Discovery Channel - Costa Concordia: The whole Story

This promo for Discovery HD was onlined, graded and finished in Smoke.

The brief on this job was to make the opening sequence glitzy and glamorous until we cut to the cruise liner underwater where the grade then becomes dark and moody. Additional effects were added to enhance the handheld shots with more camera shake and TV noise breakup, while the underwater shots were graded along with some effects to make the more interesting. Once the picture was signed off, multiple versions were created for the HD 30" and 15" edits with various straps and endboards. All versions were then reslated to SD and dubbed to digibeta.

Asda - £10 and Under Event

This spot for Asda’s £10 and Under Event was onlined and finished in Smoke.

The opening shot required adding more Asda branding into the scene so a sign was created to sit on shelf while the logo on the back of the colleague was sharpened and re-tracked onto his body. The main book shelf needed extensive cleanup to straighten the red stripes and remove the gaps on each ledge, so a clean plate was created and tracked in while the foreground people were rotoed back on top.

More cleanup was needed for the jump cut sequence to place the books onto the shelves correctly while a TV flicker effect was applied to the family sat down on the sofa for the final shot.

Mail on Sunday - Les Miserables

This 10 second promo for The Mail on Sunday was onlined, edited and graded in Smoke.

CG renders were added at the beginning where the pages settle and the footage zooms up and begins to play from the magazine. I had freedom to edit the ad to show the main characters from the film which was produced with a tight turnaround.