Adidas SS19 - Reboxer

  • Agency: Iris Worldwide
  • Director: Henry Hobson
  • Post House: Creative Outpost

This was one of a series of films I worked on for Adidas to promote their new "No Fakers/Creators Only" campaign. Featuring Lionel Messi as the Director of Boot Sales and the Reboxer as the Faker attempting to buy the latest Adidas Nemeziz boot.


Working as 2D Lead on this project involved coordinating many edits and working alongside Creative Outpost's in-house Nuke Artists together with members of the team based in Norway and India. VFX tasks included multiple screen comps, motion graphics, compositing a new office environment and cleanup.

Go Outdoors - Let Me GO

  • Agency: driven
  • Director: Adam Johnson
  • Production Company: Mad Cow Films
  • Post House: Coffee & TV

This was a fun project working with the talented 3D team at Coffee and TV to create Charlie the singing dog for Go Outdoors.


Working as 2D Lead on this project involved compositing photo realistic CG passes onto Charlie's head as he sings Gary Barlow's hit song "Let me go". Each shot required cleaning up parts of the original dog's face to prevent overlap between the new singing mouth animation. Once the lighting and focus were matched on the CG, the facial expressions then had to be tracked and warped in Flame to create a seamless blend of the head onto the body.

Amazon - Echo Spot Bedtime Story

  • Agency: Joint
  • Director: Jake Scott
  • Production Company: RSA Films
  • Post House: The Mill

This heartfelt ad for Amazon shows the close friendship between a little boy and a pig and how the Echo Spot can help keep them together.


I was part of the VFX team working at The Mill comping in screens, adding in wires to the back of the Spot and enhancing the pig's shed with the addition of fairy lights.

Lucozade - Energy Beats Everything

  • Agency: Grey Worldwide
  • Director: Harold Einstein
  • Production Company: Outsider
  • Post House: The Mill

I was part of the VFX team at The Mill working on this comical ad for Lucozade based on the story of David and Goliath.


I was involved in onlining various edits, including comping sky replacements, creating new window content and tracking in pack replacements for the different Lucozade flavours. 

River Island - There's Only One You

  • Agency: ODD
  • Director: Gabriel Stokes
  • Production Company: KO Productions
  • Post House: Coffee & TV

River Island's latest campaign centres around Model Lindsey Wixon and involved delivering multiple TVCs, Cinema, Digital and social versions.


I worked as 2D Lead on this project managing multiple edits for menswear and womensware versions matching beauty work and environment cleanup to the print campaign.

SKY - Grabster

  • Agency: WCRS
  • Director: Wolf & Lamm
  • Production Company: 76ltd
  • Post House: Creative Outpost

This is one of a series of ads promoting Pay-As-You-Go TV for Sky.


Working with the team at Creative Outpost, this ad involved comping in layers of jumping popcorn and extensive cleanup to create the clean and flat environment.

Louis Vuitton - Fifa

  • Agency: Wednesday
  • Director: Jacob Sutton
  • Production Company: And Production
  • Post House: Coffee & TV

This spot for Louis Vuitton launched just in time for the Fifa World Cup 2018.


Working with the team at Coffee & TV on this tight turnaround project involved managing various edits, coordinating VFX shots with remote Artists and completing extensive background cleanup.

Very - Autumn/Winter Launch

  • Agency: St Luke’s
  • Director: Lacey
  • Production Company: CLM
  • Post House: The Mill

This TVC for Very shows the launch of their Autumn/Winter campaign partnering with Michelle Keegan.


Working as 2D Lead this project required compositing CG elements for the Very Cube, environment cleanup, beauty work and screen comps.


The spot was then versioned for DOOH, VOD and social markets.

Poker Stars - Spin & Goal

  • Agency: Halfords Media
  • Director: Vaughan Arnell
  • Production Company: Moxie Pictures
  • Post House: Creative Outpost

This TVC for Pokerstars was part of a global campaign to launch their Spin and Goal game with the chance to win $1,000,000.


I was tasked with completing the various screen comps, fixing continuity issues with the hero actor, creating different versions of the screen content for global markets and animating the Spin and Goal Title.



Rexona - Williams F1

  • Agency: JMI
  • Director: Mike Fisher
  • Production Company: VCCP KIN
  • Post House: Coffee & TV

This stunning TVC for Rexona and the Williams F1 team was shot at the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi on Phantom Flex 4K at 1000 fps, along with the RED Weapon using master anamorphics.


The beautiful shots were ehanced in Flame with motion warp stabilising, along with the addition of extra layers of atmospheric dust and particles and environment cleanup.

B&Q - Spring

  • Director: Harold
  • Production Company: 2AM
  • Post House: Creative Outpost

This ad for B&Q was part of a year long campaign to promote different products for each season.


I was involved in building the Spring and Summer edits which consisted of 14 layer conforms of multiple takes which needed to be combined into one seamless shot. The ad looks simple enough being a locked off camera but it involved a lot of careful compositing to join all the plates together and create it in a way that was easy to adapt the content for future versions with different products.


The floor was completely replaced with a clean version and the actors restored back on top. Each board was then cleaned up and tracked ready to receive new artwork content for each version of the ad.

Churchill Insurance - Metamorphosis

  • Agency: WCRS
  • Director: Dominic Brigstocke
  • Production Company: Tomboy Films
  • Post House: Glassworks

I worked on two ads for Churchill Insurance's latest TV campaign with Dawn French.

The first one was called "Dance" which involved Churchie getting his 80's groove on to Depeche Modes "Just can't get enough" to promote an 80% discount for customers who have 8 years no claims discount.

The second was called "Metamophosis" which showed Dawn getting progressively angrier as she talks about all the uninsured drivers on the road. The ads were conformed in Flame where Metamoprhosis required a variety of VFX work ranging from green screen windows, background set extensions, to adding in window reflections. A few shots also involved tracking in squirts of mustard and ketchup from the bottles to comping in layers of steam into the hair of an increasingly irate Dawn French. Ooooooooh yes!

Lipton Ice Tea Flavours - Green Lemon Ice Leaves

  • Agency: Adam & Eve DDB
  • Director: NeO
  • Production Company: Stink
  • Post House: Glassworks

This was one of a series of ads for Lipton Ice Tea's "Taste the Brightside" campaign.

I was part of the VFX team working in Flame to replace the labels on various bottle types. Each bottle was shot without a label and contained clear water with tracking markers. The bottles were cleaned up before FBX geometries were lit and textured inside Flame. Multiple versions of each bottle type were then created with different artwork labels and liquid colours.

Once the main creative was complete on the first ad, I was then involved in all the versioning for the cutdowns and international adaptations. Using Smoke, four more commercials were conformed where I then added the flare transitions and timewarps for the liquid shots. Multiple End Frames were also created for the sun deck, beach and ice bucket versions along with all the various colours and labels.

Eastenders - Sharon's Return Promo

  • Director: Matt Rhodes
  • Production Company: Red Bee Media
  • Post House: Golden Square

This was a promo for Eastenders/Red Bee Media for Sharon's dramatic return to the Square. This job involved compositing CG leaves and debris, in addition to extra dust and leaves/debris elements shot on green screen.

I was part of the VFX team on this job working in Flame to create extra dust particles, and rain combined with many layers of shot elements to build upon the in-camera effects.

Now TV Alice - Sky

  • Agency: WCRS
  • Director: Vesa Manninen
  • Post House: Golden Square

This was one of a series of new ads for Sky/WCRS to launch Sky's new service called "Now TV". Using Flame, I was part of the VFX team involved in carrying out extensive cleanup and rig removal on the backgrounds ready for integrating the CG elements into the live action plates.

The main task I had on this spot was to design the fluffy box entrance but without it looking too scary. I selected various stock dust explosion elements which were then graded purple, timewarped to double speed and the positions were offset to create the travelling movement. Other tasks included prepping extra teeth characters that were puppeteered on rods against greenscreen. All practical characters were keyed, rotoed and cleaned up before being composited into the shots.

“Swing” Golf+ Ident - Canal+

  • Agency: Devilfish
  • Director: Grant Gilbert
  • Post House: Golden Square

This was one of a number of Idents I worked on for a new channel launch called Golf +.

I attended the shoot to ensure we captured all the data we needed ready to composite the VFX in Flame. Each golfer was shot against blue screen using motion control so that the final edit would show one continuous movement between all the cuts. The idents were shot on the Arri ALEXA at 100fps which allowed the fast motion of the golfer to be captured with minimal motion blur.

All the stock backgrounds were cleaned up and graded to match the foreground elements which were keyed and integrated into the various scenes.