Welcome to my portfolio

I am a freelance Flame and Smoke Artist experienced in commercials and long form and these are just a few of the companies I have worked with recently:

  • Glassworks
  • Golden Square
  • Prodigious
  • Realise Studio
  • Hogarth Worldwide
  • Timeline TV North
  • Munky
  • Radiant Studios
  • Outpost
  • Nice Monster
  • Second Home Studios
  • BigBalls Films
  • Viasat Broadcasting
  • Genarts
  • Black Rock Films
  • Ragdoll Productions
  • ICP
  • Pulse Fims


To see some of my recent work have a look at my Flame and Smoke pages. You can also find breakdowns of my work on the Shot Breakdown page which details my involvement in each shot.